App Engagement

to track user interactions

Provides an effective way to measure how users interact with your app and to gain insights into how to improve user experience.

App Engagement

Methods for Increasing App Engagement Over Time

Introduce new features, offers awards for regular use, and keeps users informed about new material to keep the app fun and engaging.

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Allows you to personalize the user experience by offering specialized content that is suitable to each user's preferences.

in-app messaging

In-App Messaging

Directs users to new features, encourages them to take an action or provides helpful tips and advice.

push notifications

Push Notifications

Maintains user engagement with your app and serves as a reminder for certain tasks, including coming back to the app or completing a task.

What is App Engagement?

App engagement measures how frequently users engage with a certain app. User engagement indicators including app downloads, session duration, and in-app purchases are generally used to quantify it. App engagement is a crucial measure for app developers since it allows them to better understand how users interact with their apps and may aid in the design and feature optimization process.

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