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Drive user engagement, retention, and onboarding them to leads with highly personalized popups and data-driven user insights.

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Top Features to Boost Onboarding Process

  • Create personalized and engaging popups for onboarding that is tailored to the individual.

  • Designed the flows to help users learn with more comfortable and confident.

  • Helps to reduce support costs, increase user experience, and increase customer retention

  • Helps to reduce support costs, increase user experience, and increase customer retention

best onboarding software

User Segmentation

User segmentation is a process of dividing users into groups based on shared characteristics. By segmenting users, businesses can better understand the needs of the user and improve the overall user experience.

user segmentation
geographic segmentation

Geographic Segmentation

Geographic segmentation is a organization technique that involves dividing a market into smaller groups based on geographic location. This can be accomplished on a global, national, regional, municipal, or even a neighbourhood scale.

behavioral segmentation

Behavioral Segmentation

Consumers are segmented into groups using the marketing strategy known as behavioural segmentation, which divides customers into categories determined on the behaviours they exhibit in the marketplace.

time-zone targeting

Time-zone Targeting

If you want your customised campaign to be a success, you need specify the days and hours that you plan to distribute advertising to your various target audiences.

identifying user needs

Identifying User Needs

Before you can figure out what users need, you need to know who they are and what their goals are. Once you know who the user is, you can start to figure out what they need by watching how they act and listening to what they say.

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Popup Builder

Popup Builder is the perfect tool for creating powerful popups for your website. With its drag and drop option, you can create popups in minutes, with Less code. Popup Builder also comes with a powerful set of features, such as opt-in forms, social media integration, and more.

popup builder
popups customized to your needs

Popups Customized to Your Needs

Create engaging popups with customizable elements, triggers, and display rules

integrated templates

Integrated Templates

Engage more users and increase conversions with high-quality campaign templates.

embed an html

Embed an Html

With just a few lines of code, you can always add new popups, sidebars, and Javascript to your website!

carousel popup

Carousel Popup

This carousel popup is perfect for displaying images in a lightbox. It is easy to use and comes with a variety of features, including thumbnail navigation and a slideshow function.

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Personalization creates a distinct user experience. This is done by adapting material, recommendations, and offers to the individual's requirements and interests.

create customer profiles

Create Customer Profiles

Create customer profiles to segment your audience and better understand your customer base. Customer profiles can include information like: Demographic information (e.g. age, gender, location)

build models to analyze customer behavior

Build Models to Analyze Customer Behavior

A model to analyze customer usage and consumption. The model helps organizations improve their marketing strategies by targeting customers with matching needs or interests.

create and manage campaigns

Create and Manage Campaigns

Marketing executives plan, execute, and measure campaigns to increase sales and brand awareness. They develop strategies, create content, conduct research, and analyze data with other marketing team members.

deliver personalized recommendations in real-time

Deliver Personalized Recommendations in Real-time

Our personalization platform delivers real-time contextual data and customer profiles. Build powerful predictive models and see which customers drive revenue, growth, and profit. Our interactive data discovery tool lets you visualize and explore your data to gain business insights.

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Customized Templates

Businesses or individuals who desire a certain website look should use customised templates. Each template can be adjusted to reflect the business or individual's branding. Easy-to-use templates can be tailored to suit business or individual's needs.

customized templates
create template

Create Template

The first line of the create template should include the name of the template and the date it was created. The second line should state the purpose of the template.

real-time previews

Real-time Previews

Preview forms as you go to see what they look like in real-time without toggling back and forth.

custom fields

Custom Fields

Customize the way your forms look and feel by adding different options such as custom fields, buttons, and events.

customize layout

Customize Layout

Customize Layout allows you to change the way your pages are laid out. You can change the number of columns, the width of the columns, and the background color.

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